projects I've built
wordseveryday.net is a writing habit forming site, built with React, Express, MongoDB
internetspace.co is a link aggregator, built with React and Firebase
opengavel.app is a MUN chairing program, built with React, Express, Mongo
cahsmun crs (v2) is the below rebuilt with React, Express, MongoDB
cahsmun crs is a reg system for CAHSMUN, built with React, Spring, pgSQL
pacificmun asmr is an automated reg system for PacificMUN, built with HTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL

smaller projects
steno.site is a simple speech to text site, as a PWA, built with Next
dialog.courses is a DubHacks '23 project, check it out here
chatif.ai is a ProduHacks '23 project that creates a chatbot for a website instantly using scraping and AI
hrulmk is a texting-based reflection app. unfinished. figma here
maxerp is a bespoke light and modular ERP and invoicing program
cahsmun campus is a fancy directory of zoom meetings for a conference (CAHSMUN)
cahsmun ipc is an article system for a committee in CAHSMUN
the fuller picture is a chrome extension that displays different political perspectives on news. unfinished. figma here
net worth tracker is a mobile app that shows tracks your net worth (React Native, Expo)
pacificmun ipc news site is an article system based on PHP/MySQL
pacificmun battleship is a 5v5 customized battleship-like game

even smaller projects
twoplates makes it easy for you to track and share your gym stats
cow is a manual transaction-entry based net worth tracker
tendies calculator is a simple pseudo (no greeks) options tendies (profits) calculator
convert to gif converts video into gifs (uses webassembly ffmpeg!)