I find writing beautiful, both when being read and being written
it grants clarity to mind for the writer and provides an intellectual journey for the reader

I love writing when my writing is how I intend... but
I'm not nearly as good a writer as I want to be, so I often call what I write “chicken-scratch” to not offend actual writers
or to give the impression that these writings offer insight in the way literature aims to do

most these “writings” are pre first-draft writing, structureless mini thoughts with abundant grammatical errors
I usually write them in a single sitting and word vomit
they are only attempts to play with ideas, not to be taken too seriously or interpreted as absolutes that I have conviction in
I seldom return to edit these writings, although I should

with that in mind, I've jotted some thoughts
on hardship and its neccessity to living
on perceived conditions for my productivity